Dragon Army Basketball provides players of all ages the ability to quickly improve their basketball skills, IQ, and athleticism. Owner and lead trainer David Newton started coaching at age sixteen and hasn’t stopped since! Our coaching staff uses cutting-edge training techniques that focus on building the complete basketball player, focusing our workouts on efficiency and intensity.

Dragon Army offers many options for players. We run highly competitive boys AAU teams for top-level players, grades 2-12, that play against a regional schedule.

Our coaches offer 1-on-1 and semi-private training each week for players looking for a personalized development program. We also offer team training and other special packages upon request.

Our summer camps are unique in North Jersey, focusing on skill development and learning how to play the game at a high level, rather than just playing games.

Whether in the team setting or a 1-on-1 workout, Dragon Army provides the best basketball environment in New Jersey! We are determined to develop the complete basketball player by developing multiple skills, movements, and decision-making in every drill. We make sure players can play the game, but also think the game!


As a basketball trainer David Newton knows the game well beyond his years. He knows every aspect of the game and provides great instruction to all types of players. Being a very skilled player I needed to be challenged and to be able to work on different types of drills that can take my game to the next level and David provided that. One of the main reasons why I chose to start training with David was his drive and attitude toward the sport. He is very passionate and not only believes in what he teaches but knows how to teach. I look forward to continue working with David and becoming the best basketball player I can be.

Jesse Steeleformer Starting Point Guard, Monmouth University; current Pro

I have been working with David Newton for the past couple of summers. His workouts have helped my game tremendously. His drills have made me more skillful and a better student of the game. His drills are one of a kind. They challenge you both physically and mentally.

Dion NesmithStarting Point Guard. Hofrstra University

Training with David Newton helps me to separate myself from the people I’m competing with. What he does in his workouts helps you be so much better prepared for what you will see at this level than most trainers out there. He has helped take my game to another level physically and mentally.

Charles OliverStarting Point Guard. Hofrstra University

David is the type of trainer to create things that would specifically help you in your position. He’s determined to elevate your game. By far the best elite skills trainer I have had the opportunity to work with. And more to come with David Newton and me!

Isaac RyalsStarting Point Guard, Wake Tech

I am very impressed with David’s ability to teach advanced skill development, connect with players of various ages and find the right balance of hard work and enjoyment. My guys really enjoyed David’s workouts, and more importantly, they got BETTER!

Joe MantegnaHead Basketball Coach, Blair Academy (NJ)

I hope to have you back next summer. You took the individuals to a level I’ve been wanting for a few years now.

Joe DindaAlliance Sports Management; on running the individual workouts for his Pro Sports Combine

I know Evan works very hard in his own right, but you have truly been an amazing trainer for him over this past year. You totally understand his passion and work him to his highest athletic ability.

Debbie Lockemother of Evan Locke, 9th grade

Thank you for working with Ryan for the last 4 years. He is out on the driveway every day for 2 hours working on the skill sets that you have given him. He now understands that when you are not big you need to be stronger in all the other areas. Every time he goes to open gym at the High School he is one of the few freshmen that get it. Now he works out with the varsity. We look forward to more training ideas in the future.

Niall Maughanfather of Ryan Maughan, 9th grade

I just wanted to say thank you for working with my son Jon and really opening up his mind toward basketball. After tonight he’s back into basketball. Like I said tonight you are the first trainer that he really opens up to.

Andrew Leefather of Jon Lee, 8th grade